Yoga for fear/anxiety

Yoga is so awesome! Thanks for this Beyond Meds!

Everything Matters: Beyond Meds

ICOMRF-00006817-001As our bodies heals from the iatrogenic injury caused by psychiatric drugs, the process of healing the autonomic nervous system demands the continual working with fear in the body. These drugs create post traumatic stress and exacerbate that which was already in our bodies.

Yoga is often helpful in the process of healing this insult to our nervous system.

Yoga is wonderful for training us to be with all of the sometimes uncomfortable sensations in our body whether we’ve been injured or not. This is a skill that can help support us in our lives in many different ways.  Practicing and learning to be with discomfort is an important skill to have.

I enjoy Melissa West’s yoga videos. I’ve shared others.

Anxiety is basically a clinical term for fear which everyone at one time or another experiences with or without a diagnosis of some sort of anxiety “disorder.” Psychiatry pathologizes much of…

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