Adobe Frustrations

PDF Maker

These are notes to myself about taking a word document and making it into a 6 by 9, novel style document. It is not necessarily easy. Because you can easily convert a regular 8 by 10 word doc into a pdf, BUT the PDF is gonna be an 8 by 10 PDF, and if you want a 6 by 9 pdf to upload into create space, you are gonna have to create one.

Here are my notes below on how to do that.

Okay, so the PDFing wasn’t so bad once I finally figured it out. Even though Lulu had formatted my document all nice and neat in a 6 by 9 trim, in micro soft, when I saved it as a PDF in Microsoft, the size jumped back to 8 by 11. So then the trick was to then cut the PDF down back to the 6 by 9 size.

It was tricky but I figured it out in about an hour. I went into Adobe Acrobat Pro. So it has a whole bunch of useless icons at the top of it:

Open file/print/save/ mail a little widget which is for customizing tools, add sticky note (wtf???)/highlighttext/delete page/rotate page/add page from another file.

Honestly, I don’t know why I would need to do any of that shit!!!! Next, on the side past all of that we have Tools/Comment/Share. I was looking for a specific button that was supposed to be called “trim Box”, but I found no such button. I went under “Pages” Under “Tools.” There I found a crop button, but was not sure what to do with it.

Well apparently, you press the crop button, then click on the PDF twice, and it will take you to the place where you can rejigger the margins. So the key was to take the margins from 8 by 11 t 6 by 9, first I did it by taking 1(Actually I took 1.25 inch off both sides, because the page is 8.5) and 1 inch off of both bottoms. But that did not do it, because most of the margin, in my 8 by 10, was in the bottom, so I then had to go back and take 0 off the top and 2 off the bottom – that seemed to do it!