The Land of the Lotus Eaters or WAKE UP!!!!!!!

Visit the Land of the Lotus Eaters
Ahhhhhh the lotus flower…mythical for many reasons. Let’s take a look at just one of the myths, from the Odyssey. Odysseus and crew get blown off course (as always, it wouldn’t be such an amazing story if they didn’t) and arrive at the island of the lotus-eaters.
At first they are chilling! Everything seems cool.  Nice native islanders feed them yummy lotus flowers that are grown on this island. Well-fed and satiated, Odysseus and crew couldn’t ask for more. But wait, soon everything gets hazy…they are under the influence. They fall asleep and forget about everything that ever mattered to them, friends, family, kinfolk, homeland, life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. What the hell is in this lotus? Some of the men just want to stay on the island and eat lotuses for the rest of their lives! What? Odysseus is all like: Hey! This, isn’t part of the plan, crew! We need to get out of here!
So Odysseus and the part of his crew that is hip to the lotus-eaters game, start dragging the drugged men back to the boat.  The men deeply under the lotus spell are so profoundly disturbed by the prospect of a lack of lotuses, they actually fight against Odysseus and crew! Some of them have to actually be tied down to the masts (that can’t be comfortable) to prevent them from jumping ship and swimming back to the island of the Lotus-eaters!
Okay, okay, okay, so you say to yourself: That is just a funny story! That doesn’t have anything to do with me! (Or does it? Are you a lotus-eater? You just might be.)
What does this story mean and how could it be applied to our time and space? (Those of us in the Twenty-first century?) Okay, let’s check out a scene from Rick Riordan’s Percy Jackson and The Lightning Thief  (You can play out the Land of the Lotus Eaters below.)
 Stay out of the Casinos

Yes, we,ve got the lotus-eater mini-myth modernized for our convenient viewing. Change out Percy (modern day son of Poseidon) for Odysseus, Percy’s crew is Annabeth (modern day daughter of Athena) and best friend Grover, (a satyr, sworn to protect Percy.) Okay so check it out, these three are on a mission to save the world. It’s a big mission…huge as far as the human race is concerned. All they have to do is get Zeus his lightning bolt back. Oh, it’s a funny story but that’s not why we’re here. Here, we want to check out the mini-myth of the lotus-eaters, and what it means to us.

So Percy and crew know what they have to do. They are successfully pursuing their mission and  do not get sidetracked, until, what?  Until they end up at the Lotus Casino. Once inside the Lotus Casino, they start eating these lotus flowers, and oh! They are so good and yummy! They make everything seem so funny! And nothing really matters to anymore – not even saving the world. They forgot all about that. What world? They are drugged. They are distracted. They could care less about the state of the world. They could care less that it is about to end in a week.

But wait, Percy gets a call from big daddy, Poseidon, who’s all like, Percy! Don’t do it! Don’t eat those flowers! They’re a drug, boy! And that casino is a prison! Get out of there!  So Percy listens to daddy. He doesn’t eat the flowers and then he starts noticing things. The first thing he notices, is that as soon as he stops eating the flowers, the casino girls start aggressively shoving more and more flowers at him…suggesting that he eat more of these damn flowers! Percy says, No! I don’t want the flowers!

That’s when SECURITY! gets called! And SECURITY, says to Percy, is there a problem? By this time Percy clearly knows there is definitely a problem. But instead of complaining to SECURITY (which clearly will only make matters worse!) Percy, says to SECURITY:No, there is no problem.

Oh but it’s too late. SECURITY KNOWS THERE IS A PROBLEM. What’s the PROBLEM?Percy Jackson is awake!

What Percy does next, is something we all need to be doing right now; getting the hell out of the prison that was mentally created for him! He gets the hell out of that casino! (With the quickness!)

America is quickly becoming just like that casino. These massive financial powers that be, that are no longer American BUT GLOBAL!  They are seeking to drug us up, keep us dumb and distracted. (Keeping up with the Kardashians? Really? WTF???????? And what a waste of brain cells.)

Ding, Dong, Ding, Dong  The Corporate Tyrants are Reigning!

Corporations have become increasingly greedy and immoral in the way they conduct their businesses and pursue profit. They have hijacked our political system. We the people don’t have any real power anymore. 

The entire congress is in -no longer Corporate America’s – but Corporate Earth’s back pocket. And when one corporation begins these predatory, morally ambiguous pursuits – they all have to follow to be competitive. Information moves faster than it ever has. Corporations are constantly refining new thought repression tactics – they have huge budgets dedicated to the sole purpose of studying and manipulating human behavior for their own selfish purposes. It is almost- not quite, but seriously – almost as bad as the dystopia described in Aldous Huxley’s Brave New World. A novel which, most Americans are not even literate enough to read.

Corporations have clearly discovered, the profit margin is the largest when people are ignorant, complacent, unable think, or form critical thoughts, unable to question the idiocy of the dumbed-down information that is being shoved down their throats by the all the media outlets that the corporations control, unable to empower themselves by understanding their own culture or laws or political systems and this is especially true in America. 

They try to distract us constantly with media garbage like Fox News and Keeping up with the Kardashians.

What is Fox News really about?  It’s not just mind-irritating garbage, to entertain closed minded people, much in the way a haunted house entertains the scary-waries.  It  actually goes much deeper than that. It’s purpose is actually far more sinister and conspiratorial.   A Vanity Fairjournalist captured it it best when he explained that Fox News has never been about News, but the opposite of it. It’s about confusing people, tapping into their irrational emotions, their lizard brain, their fear, and making it impossible to THINK.

And while Fox news is terrorizing its viewers, making them so afraid of anyone who is even slightly different than they are, the rest of us are keeping up with the Kardashians and their big booties. Meanwhile, all of our civil rights and civil liberties are being stripped away, without much protest or fanfare, even.  The National Defense Authorization Act, basically takes the Bill of Rights and turns it into toilet paper. Anybody in American can be snatched up, thrown into jail and detained INDEFINITELY, as long as they are suspected of being a “terrorist.” (And anybody can fall up under that label.) And to throw salt up into our invisible wounds,  (that we don’t even know we have, because we are still eating too many lotuses) this is being done in the name of “patriotism!” Check out Google’s best on The NDAA.

Well, some of us are waking up. Because the lotuses are beginning to leave a really nasty aftertaste in our mouths and are upsetting our digestive tracts. To those of us who are refraining from the lotuses, it’s becoming really obvious who the terrorist are, and it’s ain’t nobody from that there Middle East. (Unless you count the Kardashians, as they are truly a very esoteric form of intellectual dumbing, numbing down terror.)

Save the Human Children

The terrorist are the Wall Street Fat Cats and these Big Bloated Banks who are economically terrorizing us and our kids who are courageous enough to stand up and speak out and occupy these places of terror.  They are the Congressmen who are in the back pockets (happily and comfortably) of those institutions.  Occupy Wall Street? Oh you wish you would, say the powers that be! We’ll tolerate that for just a bit, and then it’s SECURITY!!!!!!!

And corporate interests won’t even let the kids think! Musical artists, who typically lead new thought movements have nothing to offer. Try to make any sense of this lyric, from the Nicki Minaj  and Trey Songz, chart-topper “Bottoms Up”:

Throw a lot of money at her, then yell,

“F*ck her!”
F*ck her, f*ck her, then yell “F*ck her!”

Then I’ma go and get my Louisville Slugger

‘Scuse me, I’m sorry,

I’m really such a lady

I rep Young Money, you know, Slim, Baby?

And we be doin’ donuts while we wavin’ the .380

We give a lot of money to the babies out in Haiti

What is this? What does it even mean? This means nothing! Hip-hop used to stand for something! But this? This is pure offensive garbage and nonsense! (And you can say, Amber, you’re just getting old, and youth culture has always been ridiculous and shocking, all you want to.) Yes, I am getting old. It’s true. But, I still can READ. I still know the difference between a lyric that has some kind of meaning, and another that exists for the sole purpose of rotting neurons! Brain cells WILL DIE, if not used, and this nonsense is killing our kid’s brains!

And yet, Nicki Minaj is one of the most highly paid hip-hop artists of this time. It’s no coincidence. Someone is controlling the messages that get across these airwaves to our kids and get the most publicity. It’s not someone who has anyone’s best interest at heart, not even Nicki Minaj’s, even though she’s getting rich promulgating this dumb shit.

There is pressure on all of the public education systems to DUMB, DUMB, DUMB, DUMB, DUMB IT ALL DOWN, DOWN, DOWN. Train the students not to think – but to take orders from Prince NIKE and King Walmart. Train  the students to dull their senses by going out to the bar and bottoming up and raping someone like Nicki Minaj says.

There are seven billion people on the planet which corporations do not see as humanbeings, but rather human resources, as commodities, as things. Things to be used up as quickly as carelessly as possible, just like, paper or plastic, just like all the natural resources of the earth. They’ve only got about fifty years to squeeze out every bit of life force out of these human resources and grind them into the ground, before they throw them away. If you are in the 99%, (and most of us are, unless you’re a billonaire) that is YOU. You are being viewed as nothing more than fuel for the corporate machine. You are being viewed as something waiting to be ground into dust.

These corporations are the new Henry the 8th – not quite the new Caligula or Nero – but seriously, we are getting there. And soon we will be there, if we don’t wake up and go back to understanding the basic concepts that humanity has been refining for the past 2000 years, at least: The Magna Carta, The U.S. Constitution, The Universal Declaration of Human Rights, we are going to experience the same kind of arbitrary and brutal tyranny that we’ve been cycling through and trying to correct for the past 10,000 years. The corporate tyrants will be a new type of tyrant, but tyrants nonetheless.
 WAKE UP!!!!!!!!!
Our political system has been completely hijacked, and through that system we have NO CHOICES, even though less than four years ago it was all allegedly about HOPE, HOPE, HOPE…what is the next message going to be for us: YOU DOPE, YOU DOPE, YOU DOPE, THERE IS NO HOPE! Shut up and just eat these lotuses until you DIE, because if you don’t SECURITY is going to shoot you? That should be the new message, because that is the truth.

Well, I’m going to quote A REAL PATRIOT, (not an entire fake Congress that ACTS like it knows something about Patriotism, but then does everything it possibly can to DESTROY AMERICA and hand it over to the corporate psychopaths) as Patrick Henry said, “Almighty God! I know not what course others may take; but as for me, give me liberty or give me death!”

Amber Lisa is awake. Are you? We need some new options. We really do. It’s up to us to create them; and it’s the only choice. We have to create our own new reality. We gotta stop eating these lotuses.
Peace and Namaste
Amber Lisa