Welcome to my Literary Boutique and Spa! What we do here is, pamper you! And we make you feel good about your writing and your life! Because, if you do it write (yes, pun intended!) writing well really can transform your life!

I should know, I’ve written the book that did that for me! The Way Through, Lessons Learned on Life, Love and The Journey, was a book that I wrote about my life, that saved my life, and then elevated it to a whole other level of living. Are you interested in doing that? If so, you can start by checking out The Way Through.

It’s a really interesting read! But more importantly, it shows how drastically life can change for the better once you begin to have an honest dialogue with yourself.

Besides making you feel good, we offer writing, editing and literary services to aspiring authors and professionals (who just happen to need a book or other types of written material for business purposes) as well as authors who need to navigate the world of self-publishing. (Which can be a pretty confusing and even treacherous world,) but don’t worry! Relax. At the boutique and spa, we’ve got you covered!

So look around, really, there’s no pressure. If you see something you like, try it on for size! Does it comfort you? Does it make you feel warm and fuzzy inside? Does it remind you of a dream you always wanted to pursue? Does  it remind you of what you came here to do? If so, then you must have it! Here’s to making your writing dreams come true!


Amber Lisa


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