Vibrate Higher

Vibrate higher! What do I mean by that? I say it all the time, but do I even know myself? Kind of! It’s a spiritual concept I’ve been working on for a while;  (I am after all, a spiritual innovator) and basically what I mean is that I want to think and feel myself into a state of existence that is higher. I awant to take you with me.


Why? Well, let’s face some facts, there’s a lot that goes on in this world that is lower. There’s a lot of pain, grief, suffering, violence, lack, ignorance, poverty, emptiness, horror, fear, frustration, disappointment, anger, hatred, rage, confusion. All of that comes from vibrating lower. And it doesn’t have to be. It’s a choice, consciously or not, that we are making. I know I’ve made it. I’ve watched others make it, as well. I want us to all make different choices because a very powerful spiritual teacher, once (and several times) told me, none of us gets ahead until all of us get ahead. I believe that.


Ever since I can remember, I’ve been obsessing over these kinds of questions: what is the meaning of life? What is the purpose? How do we get here? Is it just a matter of random biological functions (a sperm penetrates an egg and that’s it?)? Or is there something far more mystical and metaphysical occurring at the time of conception?


And then, once we get here, why do things unfold the way that they do? Why are we born into certain families, in certain towns or cities, in certain states? How is it that we are citizens of certain nations, or even an inhabitant of this planet? (Earth in case you were unaware.) There are other planets, at least eight of them that we know of: Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto. Who is to say that there isn’t life on those planets, and we shouldn’t have been born there? Just because we can’t see it, or identify it, doesn’t mean that it doesn’t exist. Maybe everyone on Venus is beautiful and invisible, at least to the human eye.  How arrogant it is to believe that something can exist only within the confines of a definition we give it, or within sight as we see it. There are more things in heaven and earth, than are dreamt of in your philosophy, Horatio!


It’s not as humans are the smartest beings in existence. We can’t possibly be! There is so much we have not learned. Like, how not to destroy our own planet or ourselves, for example. Or how to make the experience of life a pleasant one for all living things …no wars, no famine, no genocide, no global warming or global recessions, no vast planetary destruction. Nope. We’re still working on all of that stuff.  Honestly, with all the brainpower we have accumulated during our existence, these issues should not have us stumped, century after century, millennium after millennium…but they do. WHY?


Are we getting closer to any solutions? Clearly we should be! It’s not like any of us wants to keep encountering these difficulties, do we? Does anyone ever want to experience famine or genocide or the erratic weather patterns brought about by global warming (floods hurricanes, tsunamis, earthquakes, black outs, sink holes)? What, if anything, have we ever gained from these experiences? And if we’ve gained anything at all, isn’t it time to move above and beyond? Isn’t it time to vibrate higher? I think we really could change all of these things, simply by vibrating higher.


I can’t be the only one who thinks like this. Isn’t there anyone else out there who is really, very bored with the concepts and ideologies and idiocies that abound on this planet? Aren’t there others who want to vibrate higher? I’m sure there are, but before we do that, we’re going to need to address a few things. Clear out some ancient and decrepit planetary baggage. Here goes:


Let Go of Religion

Let’s get rid off religion. Yeah, I said it, religion, kick it to the curb! I’m sick of Christianity, Judaism and Islam! I’m sick of all three of these con games!  All members seem to me to be the biggest marks in the most intricate ponzie scheme ever! And if you happen to be on the outside looking on, you’ll notice all that ever happens within and around these belief system is conflict!  Check it out! For at least that past two thousand years, there has been so much war, terror and conflict popping off infinitely and endlessly amongst and within all of the thousands if not millions of major and minor subgroups that exist within these three vast mythologies, the stories of which are often just as silly and ridiculous as the idea of Apollo beaming around on a sun ray! The story of Job, seriously! What? Is God like three?


Keep God

And this is not to say, I don’t believe in God. Because I do. I most certainly and most definitely do believe in God. And we must keep God, absolutely! But what we all have to lose is this ridiculous, idiotic man-made idea of god who we’ve read about in the story of Job! That god is a mean, petty, spiteful, arbitrary, dumb golden calf kind of god, who, by the way, ironically enough, consistently mean, petty, spiteful, arbitrary and dumb in each of the major scriptures!


God is not Religion

But God is not religion. So don’t get it twisted. God is love. And we don’t want to throw out the baby (God), just the bath water (religion). Most religions, and certainly most organized religions, have very little love, and far too much power, at least an idiotic man-made sort of power, the kind that is derived through force and violence.  And since the quest for power through force and violence is the one thing that all organized religions seem to have in common, I’m sick of religion! I can’t be the only one. At least John Lennon feels me, and he was more popular than Jesus.


Politics are a Distraction

Next up, Politics. What a complete and utter waste of time it has become! Here in America, no one stands for anything, and everyone falls for nothing. We lose our ever-loving minds over these idiotic labels: liberal or conservative, democrat or republican. All the while, it should be painfully obvious to anyone with a brain; …they are practically the same thing!  While the democrats and the republicans split hairs over Roe v. Wade, tax raises and tax cuts, Obamacare and Medicare and who gives a care about asking and telling and our great American deficit, the rest of the world wonders, who in the hell is Roe, or Wade; and why isn’t she asking or telling about the tax raises and tax cuts that have led to that deficit! America owes the world and it’s time to pay up! Do we (Americans) engage in these ridiculous antics (democrat versus republican) to distract us from the reality of our desperate and pointless, political system?  Because anyone with any real insight into American, politics easily understands that big corporations, big interest and big money have the whole American political system ON LOCK; and they’re going to get whatever they want; and they’re getting smarter and greedier and richer, every minute and every second of every damn day; and no one is accountable for what amounts to tremendous theft at all kinds of intellectual, psychological, material and spiritual levels.


Money is an Illusion

Which leads to the next topic: Money. Yeah I said it! I’m sick of money! Seriously! I’m sick of everything about money! I’m sick of greed! I’m sick of corporations and their fricking bottom lines! I’m sick of capitalism and lassiez faire, welfare and trillion dollar deficits!  Does anyone ever gain anything by believing in the concept of money, in which case you almost always have to buy into this idea that somebody has a lot of it, and somebody (the majority of the world population actually) has very little of it, and that’s because (in most cases) somebody stole it! In which case, somebody else has to steal it back! From the rich to the poor and from the poor who got rich, back to the poor rich, again! Robin Hood in full effect. I’m sick of this conversation! Really and truly. And here is what I know to be absolutely true: money is just a concept, just an idea, just an illusion, really. And, if it gives you grief, why buy into it at all? I don’t, not since 2008, actually. (But that’s a whole other story for a whole other blog.) Seriously, let’s get rid of money! It serves no purpose other than to vibrate on lack, or greed, taxes; and you can’t escape taxes any more than you can escape death.


Death is not inevitable

And then, and this is a biggie…why do we die? Or even better, why do we get old and die? What is the point of that? The way we now understand it, it works like this…we’re born, and we have to wait what seems like such an incredibly long time, to grow up, which is really cool, because older we get, the more we become empowered! And we grow up into these bigger, cooler selves. But then, as soon as we get right where we want to be, we start moving in the other direction. Our metabolism slows down. Our cells stop multiplying. We stop growing and in fact, we shrink and we cripple up, our bones break and crack, our teeth fall out, our organs start to fail, we get tired, we become less empowered.  If you’re me, this is the part where you scream out (to your higher spiritual self- which is, after all, God- Hey!  I just got here! (To this place where I’m all grown up, and physically, emotionally, psychologically, spiritually empowered!) I’m not ready to go yet!

And I’m not. Which is why I’m sick idea of sickness, frailty, aging, decline and dying. I’ve decided, I’m not going to do it! Why should I Live through that miserable decline? I refuse to die before I’m ready, before I’ve lived out this particular life for all it is worth!

And…maybe I can. Seriously, maybe we all can change all of these idiotic rules of our world…if we just, if we only, change ourselves. Well, then maybe. Look, let’s all vibrate higher. It is really just that simple. VIBRATE HIGHER! Anyone with me?


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