Adobe and Create Space Notes

9/15/2012 Editing Notes

Today, I have been up in Adobe and Create Space like a BEYAST! It had been crazy!

I have learned so much! This really is exciting! Well Up in Adobe I’ve learned how to edit text and move text around.

How you edit text is you go into Tools/ Pages/ and then you go into edit text. You can edit the text, but it is not so simple with text.

If you want to move the test around on the page, (or make it bigger or smaller) you click “edit object.” The text should be in a box, then you can make the box bigger, smaller move it on the page. I have been playing with these functions all day, in an effort to make my “front matter” better looking.

My Front matter looked crappity!! So I went in, made things bigger, attempted to make all of the front matter pages uniform.

Also discovered a feature in adobe, whereby you can shrink the pdf file. If I could have made this abobe file and adobe file by shrinking it to 6 by nine instead of messing with the margins, I will be so mad!

That is another things I’ve been messing with all damn day! Margins! My margins are screwed in that there much less margin at the opening of book and lotsa margin at spine. The pages should be perfectly centered but they are not! No matter what I do, I can’t seem to fix this!!!!


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